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Our aim


We aim to be one of the most visible investment companies in the world. To achieve this goal, our investment portfolio must attract and retain many of the leading global brands across industries, and our performance and delivery must embody the characteristics of quality, attention to detail and generating positive and consistent stakeholder returns.

A key component of the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative is a new economic strategy that facilitates a more efficient, profitable and dynamic private sector that will shape and drive a more streamlined business environment across the Kingdom whilst stimulating investment and entrepreneurial activity.

KHC is fully committed to playing its part in helping to make Vision 2030 a success – both from a commercial perspective and in bringing international best practice and investment opportunities to a wider cross-section of stakeholder interests.


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“Commitment” When you partner with us, you share in our success, aspirations and ethos of a high-quality, internationally renowned investment

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We prioritize our people relationships by empowering our dedicated staff and ensuring that our Shareholders’ priorities are at the heart of our business proposition

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We seek out companies whose business models and management structures make them reliable partners for producing solid returns for our Shareholders.