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Send an email to contains the following information
  • Job Reference Number 
  • Your Name 
  • Your Phone Number 
  • Attached CV
  • Fill Job Application Form and attach it with Email, You can find the Application form  HERE

Note. The subject of your Email should contain JOB REF. NO.   

Al-Attar Job Strategy 

Our company's staff are its biggest and most valuable asset, so we always strive to identify and develop their individual strengths to enhance our collective success at the corporate level.
Investing in local talent is the basis of our commitment to the growth and prosperity of our lovely country. We seek to support youth and society to empower Iraqi human resources, by generating professional opportunities that expand the capabilities of the workforce to challenge and support them. If you are an experienced professional, a fresh graduate, or would like to advance further in your career path, we invite you to submit your CV and contact details with you, so that you have the opportunity to join our team and create the happiest moments for all people, every day.
If you are a person who passionately accepts life and believes in what we offer at Al-Attar International holding company for Investments, we are honored to communicate with you, and you can learn more about the available job opportunities by visiting the jobs page or please submit your C.V. to the following email: