Who we are

           Al-Attar International Holding Company was established by Mr. G . Al-Attar in 2020 for managing family investments. The
investments are diversified in various business fields and industries and represents the shares owned by Mr. G . Al-Attar
and his direct family Members in the affiliated companies, In addition to managing the family investments, Al-Attar company was established to enter into new ventures and investments
in different field and industries. The company was structured to depend on high performance experienced team,
And depending on a team of consultants/advisors with long experience in the regional/international business field for helping in Exploring and implementing new projects.
The new projects/ventures includes establishing new companies and entities for acquiring dealerships, building distribution
Network and developing industrial operations when necessary. All new projects/ventures will depend on separate professional
Management in its field and every project/venture will have its separate capitalization while Al-Attar International Holding
Company will be limited to monitoring the business as a main share holder.