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Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Attar International Investments Holding Company

Mr. G. Al-Attar

The story of Mr. G. Al-Attar was born in 1995 at the early age of fifteen and learned the basics of personal leadership and business management from his father and uncle by getting involved in the family business while he was studying and Completing his bachelor's degree and later he also completed his master's study. After 2003, Iraq opened up to the outside world, and the demand came for industrial and consumer goods that were not available before, and Mr. G. Al-Attar realized to invest this opportunity.
Mr. G. Al-Attar investments diversified is involved in various vital business fields in light of the growth and prosperity of business, with the firm belief of Mr. G. Al-Attar said that the private sector should combine its efforts and work together with the government sector for the sake of the nation's renaissance, as it has continued its investments and worked for development in various sectors. And after the law of holding companies was enacted in Iraq at the end of 2019, he decided to establish Al-Attar International Holding Company for Investments in 2020, for this entity to carry out the task of managing its investments in various fields in addition to the investments that Al-Attar Holding Company will enter into in the future.
The understanding of Mr. G. Al-Attar, who is deeply rooted in human dynamism, helped him a lot in leadership and managing his investments well. He also believes that focusing on providing job opportunities for Iraqi youth is essential because youth are the future of Iraq. Therefore, he focuses his investments on providing knowledge, training and motivation for Iraqi youth so that they can fully play their roles.
Mr. G. Al-Attar is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Investment Commission (a representative of the private sector) and an active member of the Iraqi National Business Council, and Member of the Iraqi Economic Council, and Member of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce and Member of the Iraqi-Saudi Business Council.